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Wahaca Taco Tuesday
It’s A Thing

Taco Tuesday at WahacaWahaca has done what no else has been able to do so far, they have decided to take it upon themselves to save Tuesdays, and we are very happy about it.

Tuesdays are a long way from fun, you’ve just made it through a sluggish Monday, Wednesday hump day isn’t quite here yet and the home straight to the weekend is still a dot on the horizon. But after some in-depth research, (apart from pancakes 1 day a year) we’ve found they virtually glee-free. Until now.

Give yourself a little mid week excitement to keep you on your toes until the weekend. Why not treat the family or some friends to a great meal out, that won’t break the bank, we are all feeling the pinch after the festive period, don’t worry we won’t tell them about the offer if you don’t.

Your first plate of their delicious tacos is just £1, all day!

So brighten up your Tuesdays for the whole of January and give your week an early taste-lift.

To find out more about Wahaca and #TacoTuesday click here.