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A Pho-nominal lunch offer for autumn 2020

Healthy Vietnamese street food restaurant Pho has launched a new lunch special for Autumn.

The Autumn lunch offer is available every Monday – Friday, from opening to 4 pm, you can enjoy Prawn (or prawn-less) crackers, a main and a drink for £9.95!

It’s What You‘ve Been Waiting Pho! 

Offer is Eat In only.
The perfect cold-weather treat, Pho specialises in the national dish of Vietnam (pho) a nutritious and delicious rice noodle soup with homemade broths that take more than 12 hours to prepare.

Pho’s menu is over 40% plant-based, so there is something delicious for everyone. They use a meat substitute called ‘This isn’t Chicken’ , which taste, smells and feels just like chicken. 

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Take a look a the menu!

Pho Autumn Lunch Offer menu page 1 Pho Autumn Lunch Offer menu page 2